Monday, June 29, 2009


This website is a long-time in the making. For many, many years, my birthday, Christmas, and Father's Day presents to my Dad have been the promise of a cookbook website. I finally gave up when I went off to law school, and I might have never delivered if it weren't for the inspiration of someone who suggested a blog format for the cookbook. Well, at last, I may actually live up to all of those present promises, as this format seems like a stroke of brilliance to me.

We plan to include both old favorites from the original Sutherland Family Cookbook, entitled "The Keep a Towel Handy Cookbook", along with new favorites that we've added to our repertoire in the last 2 decades. Most of all, we hope to make this an interactive cookbook, so please feel free to share a wonderful recipe or comment on things you liked, adaptations you made, tips to make it easier, or (gulp) recipes that were massive failures. If you'd like to share a recipe that is not originally yours, please give credit to the source. Most of all, please use this long-time labor of love to make a special meal just a little more special by sharing in our love of great food.

Bon appetite!

-Ellen Sutherland

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